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As a parent, navigating the teen years can be a tricky business.

Raging hormones, peer pressure and the desire to conform and fit in with their social groups can see our teens behaving in ways that we’re at a loss to know how to handle.

Add in the fact that social media and smartphones mean our teens are connected and influenced by others even while in our homes; the impact of the pandemic; and worrying statistics around teen mental health – it’s no wonder that if you’re parenting a teen, you’re probably stressed right now.

How to confidently support and coach your child through the teen years.

In this workshop, you’ll learn a specific five-step coaching technique that will transform how you communicate with your teen.

Whether you’re struggling with their big emotions, moods, poor decision-making or downright risky behaviour, you’ll come away from this workshop equipped with tools that will help you stay connected to your teen while you support them in problem-solving and taking responsibility for their actions.

Who is this workshop for

This workshop is for anyone who is a parent of a Teen, or who wants to prepare themselves for the Teenage years. Its also relevant for anyone who has a Teenager in their lives, as a guardian, relative, or just someone they care about.

This session is facilitated by one of our experts.  You’ll be able to ask questions via chat


Jul 05 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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