Family Pride

Pride Month will be celebrated around the world this June. However many of the LGBTQIA+ still face challenges within their community, their workplace, and even their own home. This June, Platform55 is proud to bring you an event that will help us open up the conversation around Trans and Gender Identity. This event is for |

  • Parents who wants to be able to talk to their children about their identity and gender expression
  • Individuals who want to increase their understanding of Trans and gender identity
  • Managers who want to create a psychologically safe team environment where individuals feel welcome and included

Our speakers are Alice and Dylan who are a married couple and members of the LGBTQIA+ Community. Dylan is Transgender and Alice is Cisgender. Dylan began his transition within weeks of dating and getting to say ‘I Do’ was a road filled with challenges, changes, and choices. Together they will share their journey – including the personal, social, and work challenges they faced, and offer insights into how to engage with the transgender community in a way that is empathetic and respectful. We’ll also be discussing |

  • Identity – what do different terms mean e.g. Cis, Binary, Non-Binary, Gender Fluid, Queer
  • How we can open up conversations (either at home or at work) in a non-judgemental, curious way
  • How to respond if we inadvertently say the wrong thing that may be hurtful


Alice and Dylan are happy to take your live questions during the session, or you can send them in advance to hello@platform55.com. We hope you can join us for this insightful and important conversation.


Jun 13 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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