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The teenage years can be a challenging time for many parents. While your teen is striving for independence, identity, and responsibility, they still require a great deal of support and connection with their parents. It can be so difficult to provide this when the developmental task of a teenager is to move away from the family unit.

This webinar helps you to understand a bit more about the ‘teenage’ brain and why teens can struggle socially and emotionally. It also discusses ways to promote positive communication with your teen as this is key to being able to support them.

Other topics covered include:

  • Helping your teenager’s mood
  • Managing issues with social media and gaming
  • Managing peer pressure
  • Managing exam pressure


This webinar will be delivered by clinical psychologist Dr Rebecca Quin.  Dr Quin has her own private practice in Bray and specialises in children and teenagers.  We’re delighted to be working with her at Platform55.   You’ll have the chance to ask questions during the session, or if you’d like to send them through in advance of the session you can drop us a note at hello@platform55.com.  Please mark your email with the subject PARENTING TEENS.  All questions will be confidential.


Mar 28 2023


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm



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