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Our resources equip you with the skills and knowledge to manage parents, and would-be-parents on your team, whatever path to parenthood they are taking. 

Live workshops | Explore best practice before, during and after taking family leave. Discover how to have empathetic conversations around fertility and miscarriage.

Group Coaching | Sessions provide an opportunity to discuss challenges you’re having with other managers. Receive practical advice and support.

Managers Checklists | Quick reference guides to keep you on track when managing family related leave.

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Share your thoughts

We like to keep our finger on the pulse. In addition to our Platform55 Diagnostic we run mini-surveys. Share your thoughts with us on your experience as a Manager. Your views will contribute to our research and will help shape future programmes.

Managers Matter | Workbook

Download either the interactive or printer-friendly version prior to your live workshop.

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Select either Interactive or Printable downloads:

Post Managers Matter Workshop

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